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Saturday 21 March 2020

How to stay sane during Movement Control Malaysia

Covid-19 is something consequential and we should steer clear from it at any circumstances.

Everyone should keep your mind sane and stay at home. This may be our only time we can really spend our quality time at home we our love one. 

We have always been busy out there making a living and now when we are asked to stay at home, we tend to realise how we lack out some home entertainment to keep us fun in the house.

Things that will interest you and your family and keep everyone occupy. Things that bring back your childhood memories. Things that you wanted to do but you do not have much time at home.

1. Netflix

Netflix offer fast online stream (compare to free online stream which always lack using the same Home Internet Speed I subscribe). It is also one of the famous subscription in Singapore.

For children account, it will be a controlled content. Therefore no worry of your children looking for something more.

Netflix offer not only movies, but also dramas, animations and documentaries.
Contents are from American, Europe, China, Korea, Japan and China.
It is limited for India, Hong Kong and Taiwan content.

What i like about Netflix?
- It has the auto skip intro feature
- It will remember where you stop watching. I always forget which episode i stop.
- You can change different devices to watch, and it will continue from your last watch.
- Contents can be downloaded and watch offline.

Sign up and get one month Free. Remember the date and cancel before they charge you.

2. Game Console

The popular game consoles are PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. I would not mention xBox as I prefer these two consoles as they have exclusive game and childhood memory game.

Strategy, adventure and VR game should go for PlayStation. It has a lot buttons and somehow create more actions to the game.

Kids, ladies and multiplayer should go for Nintendo Switch. It's is simpler with lesser button to control than Play Station.

Most game are available in both platforms. Some like Super Mario are only available in Nintendo Switch.

Price for console and games are about the same. Playstation come with different packages (different games). 

If you prefer portable, you can pick Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch can also be projected to your TV.

After Covid-19 subsides, you can sell at Carousell.

3. Reading

A book lover, you must have a lot books to catch up. Sign up Kindle will allow access to the updated contents. 

4. Hobbies

Grow plant so that your family can get clean air especially Covid-19 virus and also haze. Grow herbs with recycle bottles (Milk Bottle, glass bottle and etc). This could teach your kids to be responsible watering the plant.

5. Exercise

You can sign up dancing class online now too.
Sign up
Enter code 60DAYSFREE for a month to month JOD subscription.
Remember to cancel after 60 days.

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