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Saturday 21 March 2020

Guardian Hand Sanitisers is available

Keep clean and sanitise your hand everytime you back home to keep you and your family safe. 
There are 3 options available now at Guardian,

Kundal Brand (500ml) which contains 62% of ethanol. It is a gel type with green tea & aloe ingredient to mosturize your skin. It is selling RM28.90/bottle.

The second option is the Applecrumby brand that contains 76% of alcohol denat. It is a 50ml Gel hand Sanitizer. It cost RM9.90 per bottle.

The third option is AceMD which is an instant gel sanitiser which formulated 63% Isopropyl Alcohol. It is a 50ml sanitiser and is selling at RM5.90 per bottle.

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Check Guardian Opening here.
Sanitiser is not available in East Malaysia.
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