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Spot for Sales in Malaysia

SPOT FOR SALES in MALAYSIA Dimana ada jualan Hebat, tawaran baik dan Jualan Gudang di Malaysia Where got sales, fairs, Good Bargain, Warehouse Sales In Klang valley(Klang, Shah Alam, Subang, Sunway, PJ, KL.. etc), Johor Bahru, Sabah

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Friday 10 April 2020

Food Delivery Location and Promo Code

There is now number of food delivery in Malaysia. Which should you use? Well i would say try all and utilise the promo of the month. Beware that not all Food delivery serve your location. So check out the location first.

You have been also eating in for the past month, you may started want to look out for outside food. Check out the Promo Code. Do support local penjaja hawker and restaurant for them to go through this COVID-19 period. 

In general, FoodPanda and Grab food do serve most of the places in Malaysia. For KL friends, you have more choices like DahMakan, Runningman and Delivery Eat. There is also a number of free delivery merchant in Food Panda.

Oh ya.. I did not miss out Burger King but they have a list of Coupons. Check out here.

Stay at home as everyone in the community plays a part to contains the COVID-19. 
Your role is important! 

You can check out
- Online delivery Store here.
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