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Thursday 19 March 2020

Stay at home and stay strong Malaysian

The doctos, nurses and healthcare frontline are risking their life working there and Malaysian please stay at home for them.

You should be Glad to ask to stay at home rather than to be at work.

Stay at home for 14 days will be extended if situation get worst. Situations will get worst if infection is uncontrollable. Do you want to continue staying in a death city?
It will also bring down a lot good company as they could not withstand the cost of paying without earning. The consequent is you will lose your job and there is no new job no income.

We should learn from Italy and do not make the same mistake.
Stay at home or be like Italy or have 5 figures infected peoples?

Why should you stay at home?
Because that’s the way to find all the infected peoples.

As Long as government can find all the infected peoples, the rest of citizens will be able to freely and safely roaming around.

Why 14 days movement control?
Because Covid-19 could flare between 0-14days.

Continue to remind your friends and families to stay at home!

Please take this opportunity to rest at home and your action could save lifes and the nation. It’s also a gratitude to the frontlines staff that is working very hard out there to save everyone life. Nation goal will not success without you cooperating.

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